Commitment to Diversity

Our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion means seeking out the best mix of talent, then growing and nurturing that talent to unlock the potential that comes from a diverse workforce. By helping us develop more ideas, provide better customer service and increase our operational flexibility, diverse talent allows us to drive and expand into new markets, build new products and connect more wholly with our partners. Our commitment extends first and foremost from the understanding that diversity is a key ingredient to our success and is essential to maintaining our competitive edge.

By establishing a workforce that better connects with the communities our company serves and by reinvesting in the those communities, First American creates a better customer experience that makes the company more recognizable to diverse audiences, as well as to clients who look for specific levels of supplier diversity for the procurement of goods and services.

In the end, our policies, programs and initiatives seek to create an inclusive work environment where employees feel there are no artificial barriers to the full utilization of their talent, their productivity and ultimately, to the success of First American.

Achieving Our Mission
To effectively nurture a culture of diversity, First American is actively engaged in communicating, educating and implementing programs that promote inclusion, organizational mobility and personal development. First American is:


A Message from our Chairman

"Our diversity and inclusion programs are tailored to engage our employees and to help them recognize how the diversity within our company can be focused to identify market opportunities and better serve our clients in this rapidly changing marketplace. This business driven, strategic initiative is critical to every level of our organization to promote employee development, meet our clients’ diversity expectations and establish First American as the employer and provider of choice amongst the communities we serve.”

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